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Board's 2019 Annual Report

Last update 3/6/2019 

The Board's 2019 Annual Report is a 12 page document.

A printed color copy was mailed to voters on the Dover and Wardsboro checklists on Jan. 24.
Extra copies are available at the school admin offices, the town clerk's offices, and at the RVUSD Board Meetings. Copies will be available at the Annual School Meeting on Feb. 12, 2019 in Wardsboro and at Town Meetings on March 5, 2019.

The complete PDF file is here - RVUSD Annual Report 2019 - it is a large (23MB) file, should you want to download it, it might take a while.

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Below are links to the individual parts of the report - these are smaller files.

Letter from the Superintendent, Bill Anton (1 page)
Letter from the School Principals - Tammy Bates, Wardsboro Elementary School and Matt Martyn, The Dover School (1 page)
Letter from the Board, Rich Werner Chair (1 page)
The Warning and Articles (3 pages)
River Valleys School District Summary Budget Comparison (1 page)
Slides # 13 and #14 from the "Budget Talk" Presentation (1 page) - Complete slide presentation for the "Budget Talk"  - click here (Power Point)
River Valleys Unified School District Timeline for Meetings and Voting (1 page)

Complete FY 2019-20 Budget (6 pages)

Sample Ballot for voting on the School Budget; for voting on the election of Board Members