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For Families of New Students

Dear Parents,

We look forward to your child and/or children becoming part of our school community.

Students must be age 5 by September 1st in order to enroll in our Kindergarten program.

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For New Pre-K Students

River Valleys Unified School district offers two Pre Kindergarten programs: Group 3 and Group 5. The names of the programs signify the number of days students in each group will attend school, however admission to the program is based upon the students age prior to September 1st of the initial year of the academic calendar. For example, to enroll in the Group 3 program in the 2025-26 academic year a student needs to turn 3 prior to September 1, 2025; for enrollment in the Group 5 program a student would need to turn 4 prior to September 1, 2025.

Group 3 meets for school on a set schedule, equaling 10 hours each week. Group 5 children meet for full days Monday-Thursday and half days on Fridays.

Four-year-old children residing outside of Dover or Wardsboro may also attend our program under VT's Universal Pre K program for the offered 10 hours, as space allows.

Please note that Pre K children are not eligible to ride the bus and will need to be dropped off and picked up as well as signed in and out of school each day by a parent or other adult.

To get your child ready for school you can see our list of expectations below:

  • Walk in and out of school at drop off and pick up (rather than being carried).
  • Wash their hands independently.

  • Manage toileting independently. Teachers cannot go into the bathroom to help the children, so please work on this at home if needed.

  • Wear and manage clothing and school-safe footwear that they can put on and fasten independently.

  • Wear a labeled bag to carry things between home and school as everything brought to school each day must go home at the end of each day(please make sure it is the right size for your child to carry).

  • Eat a healthy snack (VT regulations require snacks are made up of two items from two of the following food groups: dairy, whole grain item, protein and fruit/vegetable).

  • Drink from a child-friendly reusable water bottle filled with water only, which your child can open and close independently. According to regulations, water, milk and 100% juice is only to be served in Pre-K.